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L.U.E now includes a new Coronavirus Support domain for small businesses to access practical legal guidance on financial support, employee queries and contract management in light of the ongoing impact COVID19 is having on the nation’s SMEs.

Legal Utopia launched a temporary support field for its L.U.E App subscribers to access the latest information on the available financial support provided by the UK Government and lenders, as well as practical legal guidance on employee queries and contract management in the context of COVID19 impacts. 

What sort of legal issues or problems can the L.U.E App now support? 

Financial Support 

  • Business Grants 
  • Business Loans 
  • Deferred Taxes 
  • Statutory Sick Pay 
  • International Trade Finance 

Employee Queries 

  • Health & Safety 
  • Redundancies 
  • Employee Rights 
  • Remote Working 
  • Employee Data Protection 

Contract Management

  • Contract Termination 
  • Contract Adaptation/Variation 
  • Breach of Contract 

How can I access this support? 

Users can use the L.U.E app as they usually would by searching your legal problem in the usual way, you will receive an available option titled “Coronavirus Support” and L.U.E we help you identify your legal query from here. 

What is the L.U.E App? 

L.U.E is a unique application, available on the Google Play and Apple App Store, that helps you identify your legal problem and matches you to practical legal guidance, portals, services and resources relevant to your problem. Unlike any other platform, L.U.E takes into consideration the role you play in your legal problem, as well as the status of your problem and the remedy you are seeking. 

What can L.U.E help with? 

L.U.E is an advanced platform that has worked with some of the UK’s largest law firms to produce practical legal guidance in the following areas: 

Land Law 

(like mortgages, planning permission, and conveyancing)

Intellectual Property Law 

(like patents, trademarks, and copyright) 

Civil Law 

(like money claims, civil procedure, and bankruptcy) 

Contract Law 

(like breach of contract, consumer rights, and travel rights) 

Commercial Law 

(like hire purchase agreements, advertising standards, and trading licences) 

Data Protection Law

(like data subject rights, data breaches, and subject access requests)

Tax Law 

(like tax relief, income tax, and inheritance tax) 

Employment Law 

(like employment contracts, HR, and sick pay) 

Corporate Law 

(like directorships, directors’ loans, and company insolvency) 


(like debt advice, commercial insurance, and legal representation) 

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