Data Protection Law – How Can L.U.E Help?

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Every business, small or large, is affected by data protection laws to protect the personal data they process and store to deliver their products and services. As a small business, you may not have the immediate expertise to identify personal data compliance requirements in your business or how to respond to data events like a data breach or subject access requests. So, how can the L.U.E App help? 

Legal Utopia collaborated with one of the largest international law firms in London to draft essential and practical legal guidance for a range of common business circumstances concerning data protection laws including: 

  • data breaches;
  • data subject rights;
  • data subject access requests; and 
  • general data compliance advice. 

In addition to the legal guidance available on the L.U.E App, you can gain the convenience of access to legal services providers, portals and resources relevant to informing, responding and resolving data protection compliance requests and events. 

How is the L.U.E App different? Unlike mainstream search engines, the L.U.E App takes into consideration the various different stages, roles and desired outcomes that your business may find itself in across thousands of different legal problems. 

This enables L.U.E to not only identify if your problem is legal but specifically what it is you want to achieve to resolve the problem; so you get the most relevant information opposed to the most generically popular. This means L.U.E can identify and support your business by identifying over 180,000 different unique legal problem combinations wherever you are and whenever you need legal support. own answer. 

Using L.U.E is easy, you can simply select a few pick-list options specific to your problem and circumstances, explain or describe your problem in your own words and answer a few closed questions to assess if your problem is legal and, if so, what its legal nature is. 

Access instant, affordable and impartial legal guidance and recommendations custom to your legal problem 24/7. 

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