It’s not just legal support, but business support too!

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It can be difficult to see where legal problems arise in a business, but it can be even harder to distinguish between those business problems that can become legal. The L.U.E App supports a range of areas to provide guidance and direction from insurance to representation.

L.U.E is not just your legal support tool but your business support tool too, we’ve included a range of the most common business problems that can become legal when they go unaddressed and escalate.

It’s critical for any small business to minimise on costs and get fair, just outcomes to address compliance needs, disputes and complaints. Ensuring you start off in the right place with practical steps reduces time wasted researching online, and with many procedural and formal steps put in your way when seeking a resolution it can be hard to know where to start. 

L.U.E can support your small business with debt-related problems, seeking commercial insurance policies, finding legal representation or making a formal complaint to public or professional service providers to name a few. 

L.U.E – Your Legal Checker App – general category includes business support in the following areas: 

  • Debt Advice
  • Careers Advice 
  • Insurance Claims 
  • Commercial Insurance 
  • Business Advice 
  • Customer Service Complaints 
  • Court Etiquette 
  • Representation 

L.U.E is here to give you the confidence in identifying legal problems and events and how to practically respond or resolve them without incurring open-ended legal bills or the inconvenience of delaying your response. L.U.E is your legal checker, available in your pocket 24/7 365-days-a-year enabling you to respond to events as they happen, on-demand and without the need to spent time researching an unknown answer.

How is the L.U.E App different? Unlike mainstream search engines, the L.U.E App takes into consideration the various different stages, roles and desired outcomes that your business may find itself in across thousands of different legal problems. 

This enables L.U.E to not only identify if your problem is legal but specifically what it is you want to achieve to resolve the problem; so you get the most relevant information opposed to the most generically popular. This means L.U.E can identify and support your business to identify over 180,000 different unique legal problem combinations wherever you are and whenever you need legal support. 

The L.U.E App can be used by sole traders, start-ups, micro and small businesses from across the U.K as a self-help legal checker for thousands of everyday legal problems. 

Using L.U.E is easy, you can simply select a few pick-list options specific to your problem and circumstances, explain or describe your problem in your own words and answer a few closed questions to assess if your problem is legal and, if so, what its legal nature is. 

Access instant, affordable and impartial legal guidance and recommendations custom to your legal problem 24/7.

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