L.U.E – Your Legal Checker for small businesses

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2020 brings to fruition the launch of L.U.E across England and Wales for small businesses. L.U.E is a mobile application available for both iPhone and Android device users as a practical and modern solution that can actually deliver real-value when seeking to inform and address practical, everyday legal problems businesses encounter. 

A continuous cycle of confusion and unease has deterred small businesses from seeking to engage legal support, whether arising from fear of affordability, accessibility or failing to communicate relevance and value.From employment law to intellectual property law, L.U.E is capable of assisting with legal problems across ten fields of English law and is available 24/7 365 days a year to discretely guide your query on the spot as events unfold. 

Small businesses can subscribe on a monthly or annual basis with unlimited use for users during that period for as little as £9.99 without any obligation to renew. For this, L.U.E has the potential to identify more than 186,000 legal problem combinations across ten fields of English law and has references to more than 3,000 legal services providers, 1,700 legal resources, and 280 online portals. 

What makes L.U.E unique is its ability to take into account the different contributing factors to your legal problem, for instance, the role you play within the legal problem (i.e. claimant, petitioner, advisory client.etc.), the status of that problem (i.e raised informally, formal proceedings issued, etc.), and your desired remedy to the problem at hand (i.e compensation, advice, injunction, etc.). 

Once your legal problem has been identified, L.U.E can provide you with legal guidance, that has been drafted by some of the largest and most prominent law firms in London, relevant to the particular legal task and remedy you’re seeking to achieve. This accompanies an essential explanation of the legal field and subfield that has been identified as applying to your legal problem to enable you to take informed and pragmatic steps to achieve your desired outcome, whatever that may be. 

L.U.E is available on Android via the Google Play Store and iPhone/iPad via the Apple App Store

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