Legal Utopia Presents at A2J LawTech Showcase

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A showcase event run by Nesta UK and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, as part of the Legal Access Challenge, took place at Hogan Lovells in London on the 6th February 2020 with a line-up of LawTech innovators presenting their solutions to an audience of lawyers, technologists, policy advisors and more.

Presenting the L.U.E solution highlighted the design and purpose in following consumer need and demand for delivering something affordable and instant that can be accessed when small business owners need it most. The solutions development approach included input and consideration from small businesses and consumers as part of Legal Utopia’s collaborative partnership with the University of Westminster in 2018. 

Legal Utopia CEO, Fraser Matcham was invited to present, as an applicant (not a participant), of the Legal Access Challenge on its recently launched small business solution – the L.U.E App – for the England and Wales region. 

This research comprised of both organisations coming together with funding from the European Regional Development Fund to conduct national legal consumer research into consumer problem expressions and development work into the use of natural language processing. 

L.U.E – Your Legal Checker – was the commercial output of that national research seeking to introduce a new, technology-enabled solution to the consumer journey when seeking legal support and advice. L.U.E can assist with legal problems and queries across ten of the most common and in-demand consumer law fields, it links users to 288 portals, 3,289 legal services, 1,741 legal resources, and can identify 186,516 unique legal problem combinations. 

Using L.U.E is easy, you can simply select a few pick-list options specific to your problem and circumstances, explain or describe your problem in your own words and answer a few closed questions to assess if your problem is legal and, if so, what its legal nature is.

L.U.E is available from the Apple and Google Play store today! 

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