Legal Utopia publishes UK Legal Problem Diagnosis study

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University of Westminster and Legal Utopia publish one of the largest UK collaborative legal research studies into the classification of legal consumer problem natural language expressions.

In April 2018, we announced the collaborative partnership between the School of Computer Science and Engineering and Westminster Law School with Westminster alumnus founded start-up Legal Utopia. The collaboration was funded by the European Regional Development Fund via KEEP+ and Legal Utopia to research and develop an “…application software which can autonomously analyse a consumer’s problem and allocate it within multiple parameters of fields of law.”

Today, Legal Utopia has published the research of the collaboration and its outcomes with it being identified as one of the largest collaborative legal research studies into legal consumers looking at how consumers express their legal problems, what types of legal problems consumer encounter and how consumers seek legal support. 

The research was later used by Legal Utopia and the School of Computer Science and Engineering to develop a machine learning apparatus that could classify consumer legal queries into the area(s) of law they concerned. 

The published study consists of Legal Utopia collaborating and consulting with a total of 12 organisations (including 5 international law firms, 1 banking institution, and two UK regulators) and engaged with over 142 industry stakeholders. The project over its 15-month duration included 75 team members, undertook a total of 18,347 research interviews, 151,221 manual file reviews and included 27,817 research participant responses to a total of 28 line of enquiry, market research and consumer consultations. 

This EURDF funded national research was substantial and concerned dozens of organisations, institutions and associations to enable its findings into the UK consumer legal marketplace. 

Legal Utopia CEO – Fraser Matcham – said “I am thrilled to be able to reach this milestone and publish our findings in this niche area…to portray this study was easy or without its near insurmountable requirements would be an understatement. This study sought to create a capability new in the state of the art with a practical solution to deliver upon its conclusion.” 

This announcement accompanies Legal Utopia’s launch of L.U.E for small businesses in England and Wales, a mobile-application for businesses to check and identify if a problem they are facing is a legal one available 24/7, 365 and providing instant recommendations and guidance. 

The Legal Utopia Engine (L.U.E) is the commercial output of the collaborative research and development project between Legal Utopia and the University of Westminster, with L.U.E also to support individual consumers later in 2020.

The full research study can be found here.

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