Legal Utopia to Launch New FaceTime Facility

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L.U.E, the legal checker app, is to launch a new in-app facility to enable annual subscribers to video-call independent solicitors as an additional complimentary service. 

L.U.E was launched in January 2020 for SMEs, including sole traders, start-ups and scale-ups, to access instant legal guidance and support to thousands of everyday legal problems in an affordable and accessible way. 

Informed by one of the largest EU-funded national research studies in the UK, the subscription service offers small businesses with a 24/7 365 on-demand legal checker tool to identify thousands of legal problems from their smartphone. 

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The legal checker tool takes advantage of machine learning algorithms, trained on thousands of unique cases, removing the need for human lawyers to diagnose more than 186,000 everyday legal problems. 

In addition to the legal guidance, resources and portals already provided to support business subscribers, L.U.E will include a new FaceTime facility enabling annual subscribers to book online video calls with an independent solicitor. 

All annual subscribers will receive 1 x complimentary 30-minute appointment per month to obtain legal advice from a solicitor upon launch. Additional appointments will be available, subject to a fee. 

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This new facility will promote greater accessibility, value and convenience to small business subscribers and truly bridge the engagement gap between solicitors, technology, and small business. 

The facility is expected to become available later in 2020. 

Find out more about the L.U.E App from our dedicated site:

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