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Running a small business can be difficult and search engines can be a great resource for information to support business decisions, but when Linda, a small business owner, was facing a potential employment dismissal claim she couldn’t be confident popular online information on the subject applied to her.

Linda’s experience will ring true for many small business owners, when facing an issue that could be legal without the financial resource at hand to consult a legal professional. Many small business owners seek to glean popular information from mainstream search engines but regularly find that the information available doesn’t reflect their particular circumstances. 

This is indeed the frustration of utilising general search engines as a legal information resource, the information displayed is ranked on the basis of popularity not relevance. Although many useful and, sometimes, free information resources can help, it can be particularly difficult to assess if your problem fits the one described yet alone how to practically achieve the outcome you desire (or become aware of what outcomes can be desired in your circumstances). 

The start of a problematic, and potentially legal, event within your small business is where the L.U.E App comes in and has been specifically designed with and for small businesses. 

This is how Linda was able to make practical, informed steps using the L.U.E App: 

1. Problem Occurs 

In Linda’s case, a recently employed member of staff within her business was repeatedly late to work and failed to fulfil their work responsibilities to a professional standard. Linda ultimately decided that the role was not a good fit for this employee and terminated the employee’s contract. 

When the employee was given due notice of termination for these reasons, the employee was very upset and the employee orally threatened to sue Linda’s business. 

2. Seeking Guidance

Linda is unsure whether her former employee was serious about their threat and equally unsure of what to do next. Linda sought legal help online but couldn’t find information reflective of her ongoing problem. 

3. L.U.E – Your Legal Checker 

Linda came across L.U.E online and downloaded the app on her phone, she paid a subscription fee of £9.99 for the month giving her access to legal guidance and resources on thousands of legal problems including unfair dismissal claims. 

3a. Role, Remedy, Status 

Linda started off by identifying what her role was in the problem at hand, what remedy she was seeking and what status had the problem progressed to. In Linda’s case, there was no formal dispute but she was concerned about a potential legal problem, her status and remedy was solely at the advice stage to seek guidance or advice on what could be done next. 

3b. Description / Explanation 

After Linda provided the above, she was then asked to explain what the issue or dispute concerned. Linda explained that she had a small business and a few employees, after letting one of her employees go she was threatened with a potential legal claim.

3.c Domain of Law 

Once Linda submitted her problem, L.U.E got to work and predicted that the problem was related to Employment Law. 

3d. Q&A 

Linda was then asked a few questions, on this occasion she only had to answer two. 

3e. Options List 

Linda was then provided with an options list aimed at seeking to understand what Linda is trying to achieve.

3f. Results 

Done! Linda has her answer and the information she was looking for with additional resources that she can use in the future. 

4. Next Step 

So what was Linda’s next step? After only a few minutes on her phone, Linda informed herself that if her ex-employee was serious about her legal claim then it would have to be filed within 3-months. Additionally, Linda didn’t think there was any merit to such a claim so it would be fairly straight forward to counter. 

Linda decided to wait and see if there was any claim filed and now has the resources at her fingertips for the rest of the month, including where local lawyers are that can help with responding to dismissal claims. 

Linda’s experience was one of many that have utilised the instant capability of the L.U.E Legal Checker App, available from both the Apple and Google App Stores. 

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