Protecting your business name or logo with trademarks, confused? L.U.E can help, here’s how…

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The L.U.E App has been developed with start-ups and small businesses in mind for everyday legal hurdles that need on-demand legal guidance and resources without breaking the bank on lawyers. 

A significant area of demand is intellectual property law, protecting the intangible work businesses develop every day to build their business from the ground-up. Intellectual property provides businesses with the instruments to stop competitors and infringers from exploiting your hard work. 

L.U.E is trained in identifying a broad range of intellectual property law needs from registering or opposing trademarks, filing patents to design rights and copyright protection. Ensuring that business owners get the right intellectual property protected, in the right way and at the right time is critical to underpinning the value of any business, as well as protecting your market position from competitors seeking to leapfrog your hard-work. 

L.U.E can help you with intellectual property queries, problems, and disputes in the following areas: 

  • Patents 
  • Design Rights
  • Trademarks 
  • Copyright 
  • Passing Off
  • Domain Name Rights 
  • Confidentiality 

In addition to the legal guidance available on the L.U.E App, you can gain the convenience of access to legal services providers, portals and resources relevant to informing, responding and resolving your business’s intellectual property needs as they develop. 

How is the L.U.E App different? Unlike mainstream search engines, the L.U.E App takes into consideration the various different stages, roles and desired outcomes that your business may find itself in across thousands of different legal problems. 

This enables L.U.E to not only identify if your problem is legal but specifically what it is you want to achieve to resolve the problem; so you get the most relevant information opposed to the most generically popular. This means L.U.E can identify and support your business by identifying over 180,000 different unique legal problem combinations wherever you are and whenever you need legal support.

Access instant, affordable and impartial legal guidance and recommendations custom to your legal problem 24/7.

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