Technology, Access to Justice and the Rule of Law – Law Society Report

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The Law Society of England and Wales published its research report today on technology and access to justice: Is technology the key to unlocking access to justice innovation? 

The report highlights a range of barriers in its findings to improving access to justice through innovation and technology, including (1) widespread confusion, variation and fragmentation, (2) access to common data and lack of trust, (3) inequality of resources in providers and limited offer of products available for non-commercial purposes, (4) duplication and repetition, (5) time, capacity and skills, (6) capabilities, digital literacy and legal literacy, (7) funding, (8) regulatory concerns. 

The Law Society identified the above barriers as potentially fettering developments of the technology applicable to the access to justice sector, and publishing a range of recommendations to encourage development in this area. 

Additionally, The Law Society identified some of those overcoming these barriers seeking to use technology for access to justice, including Legal Utopia’s L.U.E (Legal Utopia Engine) mobile application service. 

It was identified that: 

‘Legal Utopia identified a key problem for individuals with legal needs: the inability to understand the nature of legal problems and the legal process. Legal Utopia’s triage and referral app identifies directly relevant authoritative legal sources and advisors for individuals with contentious or non-contentious legal issues. Their success rate for providing right information to the Legal Utopia user is 94%. CEO Fraser Williams stated that their user base is digitally literate and more towards the middle ground in terms of income, standing at around 8 million in the UK.’ 

You can access the full report and its insights here:

You can find out more about L.U.E here:

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