HAPPY BIRTHDAY – 4-years of Legal Utopia

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Today, the 10th August 2021, is the fourth anniversary of Legal Utopia’s incorporation!

Legal Utopia was merely a concept in June 2017 by its founder – Fraser Matcham – who sought to research the unmet and underserved consumer legal market in the United Kingdom following the CMA report in 2016. It swiftly led to the incorporation of Legal Utopia Limited in August 2017 to formalise this research objective and identify solutions that could be introduced into the market.

What’s happened in four-years?

Following incorporation on this day in 2017, Legal Utopia Limited sought funding to support is research objectives. It successfully secured £100,000 in funding from angel investors and the European Regional Development Fund in March 2018 to support a 12-month knowledge transfer partnership with the University of Westminster.

2018 – Research

Legal Utopia launched one of the largest consumer legal research projects with the University of Westminster in June 2018, ultimately completing 15-months later with one of the biggest data samples of consumer legal problems ever undertaken in the UK.

2020 – MVP Launch

Legal Utopia’s joint research was published in January 2020 along with a minimal viable product proposal at the same time. This was the inception of the Legal Utopia app making it to the UK Apple and Google Play app stores.

Legal Utopia subsequently secured additional funding to support the trialing and development of that application MVP joining the Wayra UK accelerator in 2020. More than 586 business clients jointed the Legal Utopia app in the first 6-months of market testing.

2020/21 – Funding

Legal Utopia secured funding of £106,000 from InnovateUK and its shareholders in September 2020 to deploy an update to its application in 2021 and bring the app to consumers, as well as small business in the UK.

In 2021, Legal Utopia raised a further £274,000 in May 2021 to support the rapid development of the Find-A-Lawyer and Book-A-Lawyer services, as well as support its team expansion to 22 and a national media marketing approach.

May 2021 – V2.6 Launch

Legal Utopia launched a major update bringing a complete application redesign to the Legal Utopia app, introducing the new consumer account, as well as an update to the small business account. The launch also included the introduction of an expanded Legal Checker services, the all new Find-A-Lawyer, Government Services, Covid-Tracker, and Free Docs to everyone.

August 2021 – Coming Soon!

Legal Utopia will be launching its Book-A-Lawyer service to our users and the UK on the 16th August 2021 with a combined addition of Find-A-Lawyer 2.0 that brings with it a new sleek design, as well as mapping, for the first time, public access barristers and government-contracted legal aid practitioners.

That’s the Legal Utopia journey summary, but it was no where as easy as it was made out here.

Happy Birthday to Us!

Let’s continue helping you identify legal problems, find legal resources, and connect with lawyers!

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