Land Registry offers ‘error-free’ application service

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On 6th September 2021 the digital registration service went live, replacing the electronic document registration service as a step towards becoming an all-digital organisation. 

What is the Digital Registration Service?

The digital registration service makes it easier to submit applications and reduce errors by:

  • Automatically working out fees
  • Comparing information with the Land Register as it is entered to check for errors
  • Providing guidance and prompts on screen to remind users to add the required evidence
  • Automatically populating some fields based on data already entered, or from the Land Register
  • Prompting users if more information or supporting evidence is required to support an application 
  • Allowing users to save a partially completed application, and return to it within 90 calendar days to submit

It is still quite early to be able to comment on the success of the new registration service, but it seems to appear theoretically that the application process is eased and the chances of errors in an application are reduced because the process is becoming more automated thereby reducing the chances of human error occurring. For example, fees are automatically worked out and some fields of the application are automatically populated so the individual submitting the registration does not have to worry about fees or completing certain information.

There is also further support when uploading evidence in support of the registration, guidance and prompts are given to ensure the correct evidence is uploaded first time round and prompts are also given should further evidence be needed. This is crucial because it reduces the chances of the registration application being denied for insufficient evidence thereby increasing the chances of the application being approved first time round. This saves time for both the applicant, legal adviser and for the land registry; the quicker applications are processed, the quicker the land registry can progress on to reviewing other applications. 

It is also desirable that users can now save a partially completed application and return to it because due to a busy workload and not being able to return to the application, applications may be rushed first time round and in fact take longer to complete due to having to correct the initial errors. 

An accurate conclusion on the success of the Digital Registration Service will be able to be reached when it comes into effect and has been used for a few months as data will be obtained on registration applications and whether they have been approved first time round and the thoughts of users of the new service can be obtained.

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