The Legal Services Consumer Voice

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Consumer expectations are changing. Technology has encouraged greater knowledge and transparency, not just on what is available and where, but also how it is delivered. As the Salesforce report, ‘State of the Connected Customer’, found customers expect a higher level of integration between primary and support services within businesses in delivering value ( Speed and cost are no longer factors businesses must consciously take into consideration in their operating models. Effective delivery is the norm and must be built in by-design.

This has, of course, led to increasing levels of innovation as businesses look to promote value. Some of this innovation has come from inside. In other cases, external disruptors have come into sectors and streamlined, modified and collaboratively reformed practices so as to continue to drive consumer expectation. We have seen this, for example, with the way in which alternative legal service providers have started working hand in hand with law firms and others, using artificial intelligence and other technologies and benefiting a number of different stakeholders. Each discrete area of legal service provision can arguably be reformed.

The efficacy of each area of legal service provision can be looked at, holistically, from a customer service perspective. Each part provides the opportunity for promoting value to consumers, whether through benefits such as funding, case management, predictive analytics or other modes of innovation.

Legal services will continue to be looked at from the perspective of their parts. As data grows and technologies expand, consumers will expect each discrete part to be developed, efficiently, in delivering value. The last Legal Services Consumer panel ‘Tracker Service Report on How Consumers are Choosing Legal Services’ from July 2021 found that more consumers are shopping around for legal services (, and it is arguable that investment and innovation will increasingly be key drivers of choice in the future. Listening to legal service consumers remains fundamentally important.

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