Signal For Help

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What is a signal for help? This is a signal verbal or non verbal to help you out if something goes wrong or something is happening.
What is the #SignalForHelp for? The Signal for help is an indirect way of communication to show you’re in danger or facing domestic abuse, seeking help in a non verbal cue. The hand gesture is a one-handed sign, according to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

The way to demonstrate this gesture is to have the palm of your hand facing a camera or person, with your thumb tucked in, then slowly trapping the thumb with the other fingers. This cue should give an indication of distress and tell the camera or person you need help.

This may not be known to who you’re showing this to, however doing the gesture slowly, will show a change in behaviour and show signs you need help. This can be more helpful than verbally saying anything, as it can get help across without alerting the person in question.

The Signal for help gesture has actually been used to get help from a missing girl and has proved to be effective, alerting a stranger to call the police. We should continue to show verbal and non verbal communication to help people with domestic abuse. Will you learn the signal for help?

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