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Earlier this year, the social media giant Facebook announced its product team is working on the metaverse and it has committed $50m (£36.4m) to the project.

What is a metaverse? A metaverse is a concept that is being looked into as the next biggest advancement in technology.

But what is this technology? This comes in the form of virtual reality, this is a form of simulated experiences that can be similar to the real world or completely different. This has been applied to gaming, education and training. Previous versions of this have been augmented reality where computer generated code allows objects to be seen in a real world environment through devices, such as a phone.

But how can a metaverse technology be used in virtual reality? “set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who aren’t in the same physical space as you” is how Facebook have described their metaverse. 

This can be used as a space, where business and companies can hold meetings, without being there in person. While also in the virtual world having easy access to resources or activities e.g. an architect showing a new building model, the model can be physically seen in the virtual space, but also to be able to walk within the building seeing the structure and design.

With the improvement of technology, there can be new ways to work and new ways to experience the world within a business and company. Such as using a metaverse to make a space for disabled people, to make it more accessible for them to work and easier for them to work, while also being inclusive and supporting employees. With the metaverse providing new spaces and ideas for companies and businesses to grow, will your company be making a metaverse?

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