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Within the UK at West London College, young people with learning disabilities are being taught how to make coffee. About 80% of staff in Fair Shot Café have learning disabilities.

The Founder Bianca Tavella says that, with comprehensive training, more businesses should be considering the potential of people with a learning disability. Fair Shot Café opened its first retail outlet in Mayfair, central London, in November. But it’s hoped the training will eventually be extended to colleges around the country.

There are over 11 million people with a limiting long term illness, impairment or disability. There are 4.4m disabled people in employment in the UK in Q2 2021. This is estimated to be an increase of 300,000 on the year, an increase of 390,000 since Q2 2019 and an overall increase of 1.5m since Q2 2013.

Additionally the disability employment rate was 52.7% in Q2 2021which was a 0.3% increase over the past year. However disabled people are still 28.6 percentage points less likely to be in employment than non-disabled people.

With companies and businesses employing more people and considering the potential of employees, they are improving on equality, diversity and inclusion. Now with young people learning with disabilities and being taught new skills it shows potential to employers and to employ more disabled people, ensuring there is an inclusion of different staff and backgrounds. Furthermore improving equality in employing more people and giving more disabled people a chance to work. Hopefully this will help more disabled people to be employed. 

Fair shot cafe is one of the businesses that are helping drive  more disabled people into the workplace and to be more inclusive. For example, companies and businesses are improving on equality, diversity and inclusion. How do you think it will further the industries to improve and support more people and hire more people on equal footing and opportunities?

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