Changes to Covid-19 restrictions

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From April, many covid restrictions will be changed across the UK.


In England, the government has decided to focus on ‘Living with Covid’. Therefore, policy has shifted, with the major changes being: the legal requirement of self isolation has been removed and it is now only advised that you stay home for a full five days if you test positive; secondly masks are no longer legally required in public spaces but recommended in healthcare environments. 

From 1st April, lateral flow tests (LFTs) will no longer be free, except for people aged over 75 and over 12s with weak immune systems. Furthermore, the NHS Covid pass will no longer be recognised as a vaccine passport.


The rules in Wales are that masks are no longer required in shops or public transport, but are recommended and compulsory in healthcare and social settings. Additionally self isolation is no longer required, but strongly advised in Wales. Wales will continue to provide free LFTs until the end of June and contact tracing will still be in place. These will end after June.


Face masks will still be required on public transport and indoor settings including shops until the 18th of April. After this date it will no longer be a legal requirement, but will remain as guidance. Free covid tests will still remain until the end of April, however the rules regarding who is eligible will change. 

From 1 May people with symptoms aren’t required to get a test, instead they will be advised to stay at home until they recover. Therefore, physical test sites will close and contact tracing will end, by these dates. 

Northern Ireland

The government advises that face masks are still worn in certain places, such as enclosed public spaces and health and social care settings.
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